Sold or Comissioned Work


SOLD“Eiffel Tower” was created by Anicee in February of 2014. She loves Paris and is so excited that her grandma told her that when she earns enough money from selling her paintings, they will go to Paris! She is getting close!! This is one of the two paintings that was displayed in the Colrado State Calpital Building. This original painting sells for $2000. Prints are available for $50.

“Bell Tower” is breathtaking. It’s amazing to see how each painting is getting better and better. Anicee has chosen to give this painting to Children’s Hospital Colorado to be auctioned off at their annual gala in September. Original not for Sale Prints are available for $50. **update** Original painting sold for $50,000. Proceeds went to Children’s Hospital Colorado.


“Balloon Festival” is a gorgeous piece that Anicee presented to Michelle Obama in October, 2014. Michelle loved it and told Anicee that it will hang in her office in the White House. That was truly a fantastic day! One that none of us will soon forget. Prints are available for $50.


“Black Forest” Anicee did this for Chris and me as a Christmas gift. It was a surprise!!! It is absolutely stunning and she and Amber used a different technique on this. She did not see the picture before hand and did it only by description from Amber. Extremely interesting and the result was amazing!!!! Prints are available for $50.

“Lady and the Tramp” Anicee did this as a donation to be auctioned for the Ronald McDonald House in Denver. The piece raised over $3000 and prints are available for $50.

“Aspens in Winter Park” Anicee was asked to do this painting for somebody who had met her at the Children’s Hospital Gala. It was a surprise for this person and he said that it was the best gift he had ever received!! Prints are available for $50.


SOLD “Boats on the Water” is gorgeous, especially if sailing or being close to the water speaks to you. Beautiful colors. The sky and the water are stunning. Prints are available for $50.

SOLD “Whimsical Giraffe” This is such a fun piece and seems to be a favorite to many!! Anicee really wanted to do this piece and she was so excited to work on it. The giraffe is so unique, the colors are amazing. Prints are available for $50.


SOLD “Midway Park”The first piece after her arm surgeries!!! Anicee had rods put in both arms - a procedure that lasted 9 hours. This piece was her first piece after healing for 5 weeks. We are so proud of her. The piece hung in our local library for 30 days. Prints are available for $50.


SOLD “Zebra” was originally going to be hung at the CSU Cancer Center but was purchased before it could make it there!! Prints are available for $50.

SOLD This painting was done for Slacker at Alice 105.9. She knows of his love for wine and chose this to do this for him. Thanks Slacker! We couldn’t be more excited for her!!!! Prints are available for $50.


SOLD “The Dance” was originally going to be auctioned off at a dance gala in May but it was purchased by somebody who saw it on the website! Thank you so much, Wanda, we are all very excited for her! Prints are availalble for $50

SOLD “Dance in your Heart” was going to be auctioned off at a dance gala in May but we just found out that the gala was postponed so now this painting is for sale!


SOLD “Talia’s Tree” was painted by Anicee while her cousin, Talia was here visiting. It’s beautiful. The original painting is selling for $500.


Colorado State University asked Anicee to paint a piece to be hung in the Animal Cancer Center. This is the piece that she chose for them. It was hung on April 28th at a special luncheon in her honor. This piece is not for sale. Prints are available for $50.

SOLD Anicee has a new collector, her name is Rhonda. What a lovely person Rhonda is and we are so happy that she and her family have 3 Anicee originals! “Orange Blossom” is a new rendition of Talia’s Tree. The colors are earthy and really gorgeous.

SOLD “Big Ben” is Anicee’s fantastic. I believe the clock tower is set to midnight having something to do with Cinderella!! Anicee was very proud of this piece. Prints are available for $50.

SOLD The background of “Love Birds” is so amazing. one of my favorite backgrounds. The colors she has chosen for the whole thing are perfect. Prints are available for $50.


SOLD “My Feet” When Anicee finished this piece she told me that this was a painting of her feet!! She has an undeniable attitude that she can do anything. Prints are available for $50.

SOLD “Amsterdam” This painting is so vibrant and interesting. The buildings and water are gorgeous. The tree in the middle of this piece is my favorite part - so much her style. Prints are available for $50.

“Summer 2015” This original piece is not for sale. This was done for Anicee’s best friend, Adam, and it represents the fun they had together at the carnival - riding the ferris wheel! Prints are available for $50.

Lisa Ferrerio andChris Lamoreaux 2014-2019