Community Work

Anicee loves to be involved in her community and she has been giving back by donating pieces to help raise money for important causes. In addition to raising $100,000 for Children’s Hospital Colorado, she has raised thousands of dollars for Bal Swan, a local elementary school that promotes inclusion for kids with average and special needs. She is working with the Ronald McDonald House to support their effort of providing support to families of children at the Children’s Hospital Colorado and she will continue to work with many more organizations that are near and dear to her heart.

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Anicee is painting live for the guests at the Bal Swan Gala. She is finishing her painting to match the theme - Alice in Wonderland. The finished piece was auctioned for over $3000.

Anicee loves supporting Children’s Hospital Colorado and is so happy that she can continue to do work for them on their Courage Is campaign. She recently did some voice work for them and will be seen on Comcast soon so watch for her in the Courage Is campaign. She also loves to be there personally for the kids and takes every opportunity to support families through some tough moments as they watch their kids go into surgery or watch them recover from a hospital stay.

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Voice work for Courage Is campaign

You can catch her on Comcast doing some work with Kohl’s and Papa John’s. All benefitting Children’s Hospital Colorado.

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Anicee walks a patient and friend to the operating room to provide support for the family.

She has begun teaching painting classes to different groups and truly has a great time doing that. She has taught kids from the Ronald McDonald House as well as some members of our local LPA group.

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This original piece “Beautiful Leaves” is available for $500 and prints are available for $100.

Anicee is such a talented and well spoken young lady; it’s so fantastic that she is using her skills and her beautiful spirit to raise awareness and money and to teach and share her talent with the community. Anicee was recently recognized for her efforts by being selected as a 2016 recipient of the Adams County Mayor and Commisioner Award. She was so honored to be part of this group; it was truly an amazing evening.

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Thank you, Ms. Hoffa, for nominating Anicee and making this evening and award possible for her.

Lisa Ferrerio andChris Lamoreaux 2014-2019