Current Artwork


This another Great Star wars inspired Piece and the first Piece that Anicee Used for teaching a painting class

The Original is not for sale, But Prints are available for $50 apiece

“Tree at twilight”

This Great Piece is the Latest that Anicee Used for Teaching a Painting class at our house.

The Original is SOLD.

Prints are available for $50 each

"Sunset at Little Siss”

This piece was especially done for Nana Jane and Gramps Renner. The Original Proudly Hangs at their cabin on this lake in Wisconsin.

Prints are available for $50 each.

IMG 3885

“Music Lounge” This is a fantastic piece! The colors are so deep and rich. The original is not for sale but prints are available for $50.

new york

“New York” Anicee was asked to paint her version of New York City by somebody that lives there. Here it is. The colors are gorgous and it reminds me of PRIDE. This painting makes me reflect of the recent supreme court decision and it makes me happy for so many of our friends and family. The original is selling for $1200 and prints are $50.


“Midnight in Paris” When Anicee did finished this painting we knew she had a very special gift. We knew she had a talent that was so spectacular and had to be encouraged in every way. This painting is a family favorite and is NOT FOR SALE. Prints are available for $50


“Blue Elephant” This is a stunning piece and so vibrant. When Anicee finished this piece she was so happy and proud of herself. It truly is one of her best and everybody that sees it just loves it. The eyes on this piece are incredible. Anicee needs a little more time to let this piece go it isn’t for sale yet. Check back for price when she’s ready to sell. **Anicee just said that she’s ready to put this up for $5000. I have never seen her so in love with a piece! It’s truly beautiful, I can definitely understand why! Prints are available for $50.


“Safari Elephant”. This painting was a tough one for Anicee, it really challenged her. It is my favorite so far, I know I say that all the time but this one is actually hanging in our bedroom until it is purchased. Original is $1500 and prints are available for $50.

This is Anicee’s beautiful painting, “Moscow”. The background in this painting is gorgeous, my favorite color combination. The original is selling for $1200 and prints are $50.

“Tropical Birds” Anicee’s favorite thing to do when she visits the zoo is to feed the birds. She has done several pieces showing her love for her feathered friends and this one is so bright and playful. A print of this piece can be seen at 3 Margaritas in the Orchard Town Center. The original is selling for $500 and prints are $50.

“Venice” This is absolutely gorgeous. This is definitely one of my personal favorites. She is so good at the technique that this painting brings to life - the water is spectacular. The original painting is selling for $1000 and hangs at Tap and Taste - a store in Orchard Town Center. Prints are available for $50.

“Aliens” Anicee is fascinated with Aliens! Her father, Chris, is a mechanical engineer working on the space shuttle replacement so she gets a lot of exposure to space! We often discuss what we think is or isn’t “out there!!” This is a change from Anicee’s usual style and it’s fantastic. This original is selling for $1000. Prints are available for $50.

Here it is… “Pisa”. “Pisa" was painted with 2 fingers - NO brush!! She had a blast doing this one because she had never done anything like that before and it was a chance to get dirty!!! Original $500 and prints are available for $50.

“Hipster” The colors are breathtaking, the yellow and orange are gorgeous. You can see how she is growing up and maturing through her paintings. These3 women dancing, like this painting and the one she did before, will probably become something that she does throughout her life and it will be interesting to see how they develop. She is selling this piece for $1000. Prints are available for $50.


“Black Forest” Anicee painted one similar for Chris and me for Christmas. It’s gorgeous. She does this style very well and it looks amazing. Original $1000 and prints are available for $50.

“Baby Giraffe” Anicee loves baby animals so she created this baby giraffe and it is amazing how much character it has! The original sells for $1000 and prints are $50.


“Riverwalk” Anicee and her grandma want to go to San Antonio to explore the Riverwalk and Anicee painted this in anticipation!!!! So beautiful and Amber, Anicee’s art instructor, said that this piece was one of her most difficult so far!! Great job!!!! The original piece sells for $1000 and prints are $50. The canvas is 12x16.


“Capitol” This piece was inspired by all of the work that Anicee has done this past month on the upcoming election. She has met some amazing people and had some fantastic experiences. She has a“political mentor” that has taught her how our democratic process works. These experiences have been truly rewarding and last night, when one of our state representatives pulled up outside our house, Anicee went outside screaming with excitement! She truly is an amazing kiddo! This piece is selling for $500 and prints will be available soon for $50.

Kylo copy

SOLD “Kylo” A Star Wars piece is finally here!!! Anicee and her dad spend a lot of time watching Star Wars and she loves playing with her BB8. Here’s her rendition of the latest movie!!!! This piece is selling for $1000 and prints are available for $50.

“Candlelight” This piece was the hardest for Anicee so far. She learned so much, so many techniques and a lot of patience! This piece is selling for $1000 and prints are available for $50

“Did de losMetros”Anicee did this piece in honor of The Day of the Dead and because she knows how much I love it. Currently it is not for sale - it is a centerpiece in our home but prints are available for $50.

“Woman Anicee” This caught Anicee’s attention and she said it reminded of her when she is older. The blue in this piece is beautiful and her eye is gorgeous. This piece sells for $1200 and prints are $50.

IMG 4499

“Grandma’s Volkswagen” Anicee was inspired by her grandma’s love of her Volkswagen. She gave her this painting for her birthday. Prints are available for $50.

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Lisa Ferrerio andChris Lamoreaux 2014-2019